Lead Scoring Service

Following the acquisition of Phone Ready Leads® by Apex Revenue and their decision to remove the service from the market completely, PRL have agreed to continue to service all existing users for a short period. 

This allows us to simply transition our dedicated backend scoring management system to a new team able to provide the same 24-hour lead scoring in the same way to the same quality standard with no disruption to our users. The transition is expected to complete by October 20th, 2023.

Until then new user registrations for this service are suspended.

As you may imagine, we have received a lot of requests for this service now that PRL have withdrawn completely, after collaborating intensely for 6 months to embed their know-how and experience in ProspectSafari. 

To ensure quality support we may have to limit registrations initially. We will be onboarding all those who have registered for this service in strict order of registration.

Please add your name to the list by completing this form.

We will be adding further enhancements to this service, including international lead scoring. We salute PRL for their pioneering service – now ProspectSafari is ready to take it to the next level!

Thank you for your patience!

Lead Scoring Wait List