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Selling to SMBs / local businesses? 

Try the number one CRM on the market for autogenerating leads, qualifying and contacting them and helping you close the deal.

Why ProspectSafari?

Generate leads   –  Qualify and contact them   –   Close the deal.

Local business data

Other providers focus only on enterprise sales. We also provide a database of over 160 million small/medium businesses worldwide. 100% coverage with a click.

Fast review

See website & CRM data side by side with our unique split screen website display. View facebook & social pages.
Fast classification & data entry.

Email campaigns

Templates, sequences, A\B testing email verification and full integration to your email provider of choice

Intelligent call manager

7x your connect rate with our proprietary JumpStart algorithms. Sort your calls in order of the most likely pick ups, and call with a click

Calendar integration

Full two way integration with google and outlook calendar. Schedule and view meetings straight from ProspectSafari 


Increase your productivity with our chrome Extension and add prospects with a click

Streamline your process

Intelligent checklists, auto-tasks, evidence-based scoring. Your rules, applied faultlessly.


Keep track of your sales teams success, and keep your sales efforts data driven.

What do our customers say?

 We have been working closely with our customers since 2020 to provide you with the best CRM experience.

Sara Peñas says: I really recommend this tool. The team behind it are super available to help.  During the onboarding they were super patient with all my questions and requests. I particularly like the search function and being able to view the websites and data side by side.

Robert Molinari says: “I have been using the ProspectSafari Jumpstart service to boost my sales teams cold calling. To my knowledge nobody else offers something similar on the market”

Owain Williams says: “In a crowded CRM marketplace, Prospect Safari stand out for these reasons; they always respond quickly to enquiries of any nature, they consider ALL feature requests and they keep their users regularly updated with relevant updates and other useful info.”

Over $2bn and counting

The team behind ProspectSafari have helped add over $2bn in incremental revenue to some of the largest companies in the world.

Our mission is to help you sell, so why not give it a go?