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Your subscription to ProspectSafari Jumpstart includes;

  • Unlimited upload & download of your prospect lists
  • Send your leads for rapid scoring
  • Lowest price & fastest service guaranteed
  • Access the JumpsStart coaching videos
  • JumpStart sales methodology embedded

..and all the features of ProspectSafari;

  • Intelligent Cold Call Manager with dynamic scoring
  • Auto search for new leads & scrape their websites
  • Rapid prospect review & categorization
  • Unlimited 1-Click contact add from Linkedin
  • Email templates & sequences
  • AI Prospect qualification & intelligent forecasting


ProspectSafari JumpStart Edition: $30 per month 

Free Trial for 14 days

JumpStart scoring credits can be purchased as required : $50 for 50 credits

(1 scoring credit scores up to 5 phone numbers per contact)

ProspectSafari Jumpstart - FAQ

JumpStart is a contact phone line scoring service:
– Simply click to send a list of contacts each with one or more phone numbers.
– We dial each one at different times and report back the result.
– Your contacts are given a suggested priority rating;
   – the Priority 1 are those who actually answered;
   – the Priority 2’s are about twice as likely to connect as the Priority 3’s.
– For the Priority 1’s we even tell you the day of the week and time that they picked-up, to maximise your own chance of connecting.

By focussing your cold calling on the Priority contacts you can improve your connect rate by about 7x.
Jumpstart automatically sets the Line Connect Index (LCI) of each contact phone line.
ProspectSafari’s Intelligent Call Manager dynamically updates the LCI after each call or attempted call, automatically selects the current best phone line for each contact and ranks all call tasks according to their Line Connect Index.
By calling in this order users achieve a significant improvement in their Return on Sales Time (ROST). 

A 7x improvement in cold call connect rate means 7x more actual conversations per hour spent dialing.

It means 7x more meetings and all things equal should mean 7x more revenue.

Based on typical sales rep base salary, connect and conversion rates it costs $1400 per meeting scheduled. Using JumpStart that can be reduced to about $200.

JumpStart scoring costs $1 per contact, paid with JumpStart credits. JumpStart is available as a free add-on to ProspectSafari Team Edition. In the US, Team Edition costs $30 per month. JumpStart credits are available in packs of 50 for $50.

We aim to score all you contacts within 2 working days, no matter how big or small your list may be.
You will be notified by email when your JumpStart scores are ready.

Yes. You send as few as 100 leads for scoring and we provide the same high quality, high speed and low-cost service.

Other lead scoring agencies set minimum order requirements and high prices to pay for the manual process of negotiating, receiving, checking and uploading lists of different formats, then reintegrating the scores with the original data and returning a file in the original format.

JumpStart was designed in collaboration with the biggest such agency to streamline that process and consolidate all scoring requests into a single scoring pipeline. This allows us to offer this cost-saving service to everyone, including individual sales reps with relatively low volume requirements.

ProspectSafari JumpStart was developed in collaboration with Phone Ready Leads® (PRL) and was originally launched as the ProspectSafari Phone Ready Leads® Edition. Following their acquisition PRL has been withdrawn from the market. We have therefore rebranded this service and continue with the same quality but with added features.

Yes. ProspectSafari’s Intelligent Uploader will recognize most headers and automatically map them. You can manually review and adjust this mapping.

Phone numbers are checked for validity according to the format of each country. If duplicates are detected they are consolidated. If you already have the contact in ProspectSafari you can move it to the new list or remove it.

After uploading you can immediately send for JumpStart scoring, or you can review your leads by seeing the website instantly loaded next to the contact data, categorize your leads and select the ones to send for scoring. 

ProspectSafari will scrape each website looking for additional phone numbers, emails, social urls and any key words or phrases or hidden links that may interest you.You can further enrich your leads using ProspectSafari’s suite of 1-click search tools, Linkedin extension, etc.

We recommend you enrich your data either within ProspectSafari or before uploading, by adding multiple alternative phone numbers for each contact. You can include up to 5 phone numbers for each contact you send for JumpStart scoring, at no extra cost.

Yes. You can include up to 5 alternative phone numbers for each contact. They will all be scored at no extra cost, and the best phone number identified.

Simply upload a csv file of contacts or bulk select prospects / contacts in the list view and select to send for JumpStart scoring. 

With your ProspectSafari subscription your get ProspectSafari credits to use each month for lead generation and enrichment.

If you submit contacts for scoring you will be required to purchase Jumpstart credits in packs of 50 for $50. 

Your available credits are shown by clicking your workspace name at the top right in the app.

Additional ProspectSafari credits and JumpStart credits can be purchased in the Payment section of the app.

ProspectSafari is a B2B Prospect Management Platform.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive CRM to manage the complete sales process and to make powerful sales tools available to everyone.

Our goal is to enable any B2B sales organization to improve its Return on Sales Time (ROST). 

We achieve this through an evidence-based approach to the science of selling and a refusal to accept that company size should be a barrier to the use of game-changing sales technology. 

ProspectSafari includes tools to generate prospect lists, scrape websites, sort and categorize, enrich contact data, discover email and phone data, design and manage email templates and sequences, calculate call connect rates, define sales processes, build intelligent checklists, automate task workflows, use AI to define and adjust qualification criteria, push sales enablement material on demand and manage cultural sales intelligence.

Each of these contributes to an improvement in ROST and is provided  at a fraction of the cost of competing specialist sales tech providers.

The free trial of JumpStart gives you 14 days of free use of ProspectSafari Team Edition with the JumpStart add-on enabled. If you wish to send a list of contacts for JumpStart scoring you will need to pay for the required credits. At the end of the trial period you can continue with a subscription or downgrade to the Free Edition.