Cultural Sales Intelligence

To help sales professionals win business globally, ProspectSafari has teamed with SMC Ltd to create a truly unique product.

ProspectSafari CSI Edition is a comprehensive platform that provides sales and marketing professionals with the tools they need to improve cross-cultural communication and increase sales. 

By leveraging the power of cultural competence, businesses build stronger relationships with customers from diverse backgrounds, ultimately leading to increased revenue and profitability.

Seize your competitive edge now!

Generate 150 target prospects anywhere in the world & scrape their websites

Grab unlimited international contacts from Linkedin

See how the recommended sales process adjusts to diverse cultures

(no credit card required)

Find, capture & qualify prospects with a click.

ProspectSafari SMC Edition: €50 per user per month (annual contract)


750 credits (for lead generation, scraping, email discovery)

Unlimited upload & download of prospect lists

Dynamically adjusted sales process checklists & enablement resources

Full library of Cultural Sales Intelligence material