ProspectSafari Demos

Introduction to ProspectSafari

This 7 minute video shows you how to do the following;

  • Integrate your email and add email templates and sequences.
  • Generate a list of prospects matching your ideal customer profile
  • Review the list next to their websites and rapidly categorize 
  • Use our 1-click search tools: Linkedin, Google, specialist listing sites, etc
  • Grab & add contacts, emails, phone numbers.
  • Sales process checklist, enablement resources, qualification questions
  • Intelligent forecasting, call list management

Using the ProspectSafari Extension

This 3 minute video shows how to use the extension to;

  • Add new prospects from any website
  • Add contacts using the Linkedin search tool
  • Add a contact’s specific job role from Linkedin
  • Capture social urls, youtube videos, etc
  • Capture profiles from specialist listing websites 

Upload & send for JumpStart scoring

Use the JumpStart add-on to;

  • Upload a list of leads
  • Review, categorize and enrich them
  • Select & send leads for JumpStart scoring
  • Enjoy a 7x improvement in your dial to connect rate
  • Improve your Return on Sales Time

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