Fill your Funnel

Find, capture & qualify prospects with a click.

Local company data +  B2B sales productivity

We sift through public data of local businesses to find exactly what you’re looking for and ensure you’re using current data from Linkedin, Google, Facebook, etc.

100% market coverage, GDPR compliant, low cost.

See the company website & social pages next to your data….for fast review, qualification and contact of your target and current customers.

Set, measure & improve your sales process with our unique, free CRM.

Increase your Return on Sales Time with workflow automation, templates, sequences, pipeline management, intelligent call management…and AI-assisted forecasting.

Generate 150 target prospects
 & scrape their websites.

For free.

(No credit card required!)


Why ProspectSafari?

Saves time.   Fast, consistent process.   More revenue.

Save 20+ hours

Each outbound sales resource saves over 20 hours per month. More prospects + more selling time =  more revenue.

Find ALL your prospects

Full coverage of any region using current data. Find emails & phone numbers.
Identify systems and keywords to filter the list.

Fast review

See website & CRM data side by side.
View facebook & social pages.
Fast classification & data entry.

Qualify objectively

Intelligent checklists, auto-tasks, evidence-based scoring. Your rules, applied faultlessly.

Add the right contacts

Show employees, select the key ones & add with a click from Linkedin.

Work smarter & faster

Auto-sequence personalised emails.
Log calls, track responses, sync with Hubspot

Accurate data

Upload lists from trusted sources or build your own using only current, business-supplied information.

Automated search

Select the region & key search terms & build your list. Get 100% market coverage with ProspectSafari.

Business website

Let ProspectSafari scrape social links, emails & phone numbers and look for competitor links and key text.


With one click find employees and add selected contacts using their latest data. Add emails and phone numbers with a click.

Fully customizable

How do you spot a good prospect for your business?


Define the variables that matter to you & facilitate their collection, use & display.


Tell ProspectSafari to sniff out specific word strings or competitor systems.


Review, categorize, sort and filter your prospects. Fast.

Best practice, always

Ensure consistent best practice across the sales team.

Sales System

Define alternative sales pipelines & processes, use automated workflow & precise data. A/B testing of templates and sequences.


Intelligent checklists, guides & resources.
Consistent application of your tailored, objective qualification process for 95% forecasting accuracy.


Consistent quality and cadence of emails & calls.
Personalise templates with info from social posts. 
2x productivity with Intelligent Call Management.
7x productivity with ProspectSafari JumpStart

"Yes, but we're different.."

Every business is unique & sells their thing in their own way. 

  • Want to know how easily ProspectSafari can integrate with your systems and adapt to your unique sales process?

  • Do you have large teams and want custom pricing?

  • Want to customise ProspectSafari to define the sales playbook for your clients?

We’d love to hear from you!

Over $2bn and counting

The team behind ProspectSafari have helped add over $2bn in incremental revenue to some of the largest companies in the world.

Let us help you to improve your sales efficiency too.