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Add contacts

You can add a contact to a prospect in Prospect View. Simply click the + icon in the Contacts section.

Add a contact

The Add Contact popup allows you to enter first name, lastname email, phone number, job title and buying role. In addition you can paste in any profile urls (like Linkedin profile, facebook page, twitter etc).

Add Contact popup

A powerful method for finding and adding contacts is the black Linkedin icon. Click this and a window will open to the left of the ProspectSafari window (we recommend you reduce the width of the ProspectSafari window to about 2/3 or 3/4 of the screen width and move it to the right to allow space for this social window on the left).

Use the black Linkedin icon to find contacts

Provided you have installed the ProspectSafari Extension, the Linkedin window will show a list of people associated with the prospect with a small ProspectSafari icon next to the profile picture. Click on this or right-click on any contact name or profile pic to add the contact to ProspectSafari.

Right-click a name or click on the ProspectSafari icon to add the contact

When you are browsing Linkedin when you go to any contact profile, right click on any whitespace in the profile page. This will add the contact to the currently open prospect to as a new prospect or if you reject this, then as a new prospect.

Click the ProspectSafari icon to add as contact or new prospect

If you choose to add as a new prospect, ProspectSafari will add it to the list you have set in the extension popup. To change this click on the extension icon:

Select the extension icon

And then select the list from the drop-down at the top of the extension popup:

For more information about this extension popup see the tutorial here.

ProspectSafari will scrape all relevant data from the Contact Info section (phone, email, personal websites, social urls) and add this. Since this full contact info is only available to 1st connections in Linkedin, you should revisit the linkedin profile and click the ProspectSafari icon again if/when you become connected to a contact of interest. This will update all the above contact info as well as the profile picture and job title.

Click the ProspectSafari icon in Linkedin to capture personal urls, phone number and email

In general when browsing you can add a contact name, email or phone number at any time. Simply highlight it then right-click:

Highlight a name then right click to add to ProspectSafari

You can choose to add as a contact to the current prospect in ProspectSafari or create a new prospect. The text will be added as an email or phone number if ProspectSafari identifies it as such.

After a contact has been added it can later be edited. See Edit Contacts for details.

You can merge any two contacts after adding them if you wish. Merging contact A into contact B will result in the data of contact B having precedence in the case of conflict. Each contact added from whatever source will be displayed with a small icon representing the source. This icon can be clicked to open the relevant link.

Click the merge icon to merge this contact into another.

In the above example, the Google Maps icon will open the Google Maps business listing, and the Linkedin icon will open the contact’s personal Linkedin profile page.