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Log activity


You can add a note relating to any contact and Deal. By pinning the Note it will remain at the top of the activity list.

Checklist generated tasks can create or edit a special kind of Note called a Research Note. This is always pinned to the top of the activity list as is reopened for editing by other checklist step tasks. This is the place where all background research notes (from reviewing the contact’s Linkedin profile for example) can be gathered in one place. Before communicating with the contact a quick glance at the Research Note should tell you the key things you need to know.


Emails sent and received are recorded in the timeline of the relevant prospect. You can click on any email to see the details and the history of the contact’s enaegement with the email (date received, opened, clicked, replied, etc). You can also forward the email or reply to it.

Call Log

Call logs are similarly recorded. To call a contact, simply click their phone number or click to complete a call task. The call log popup will appear ready for you to enter the results of the call.

For the first call (or until the line type has been entered) you will be prompted to enter the line type and status. This is important information as it allows the Intelligent Call Manager to work correctly.

The calculated Line Connect Index depends on the line type (Direct, Gatekeeper, Menu), status (Verified, Unverified) and call sequence number. The LCI reduces after each call attempt unless a successful connection is made.

If the contact name is confirmed (either directly or by recorded voicemail greeting or by an assistant) then the status should be set to Verified.

If the call was a successful connection (you spoke to the contact) then mark the outcome as Outgoing Call.

In most cases you will be given the option to add a follow-up call task. All call tasks are added to the call queue and the Intelligent Call Manager proposes the optimum priority order for their execution.


If you have a phone dialer installed on your computer then click to dial should be enabled. Clcik on teh phone icon in the call log popup to dial the number. If click to dial is not working correctly, check your system preferences to ensure that the dialer app is the default app for responding to all TEL or CALLTO links. For example on Windows:

  • Type “default apps” in the Windows search bar.
  • Click Default apps in the search results.
  • Scroll down and click Choose defaults by link type. If you’re using Windows 11, click Choose defaults by link type.
  • Find CALLTO, click Choose a default, then select your dialer. If you already have an app assigned, click it and select your dialer.
  • Find TEL, click Choose a default, then select your dialer. If you already have an app assigned, click it and select your dialer.